An 18 Hole Public Golf Course

Davis Golf Course | 24439 Fairway Dr. | Davis, CA 95616 | 530 756-4010

The Course


              Plenty of water hazards can be found at Davis golf course but none more menacing than this one at the par 3 Seventh


Davis Golf Course is a small, sparkling jewel in the crown of Golf Courses in the Sacramento Valley. It is not a long tedious monster like some of the more recently developed courses have turned out to be. Yet, it offers those looking to “have fun” playing golf that exact opportunity. Its 4900+ yards for men and 4400+ for women belie its real difficulty. Yardages notwithstanding, it offers a challenge to some of the best of golfers, while still letting the beginner, senior, student, and women have a chance to have fun playing the game.

DGC’s challenges, while not including its length, do include out-of-bounds left on every hole. Also, there is water in play on 15 of 18 holes. If that’s not enough, there’s three holes with out-of-bounds on both left and right, and most fairways are considered rather narrow. All the greens are smallish, raised dishes (except one) with plenty of opportunity for rather severe breaking putts. Subtle breaking putts also seem to arise quite often.

One of the hallmarks of the course is its very friendly accommodating staff and the friendly patrons who frequent the course quite regularly. Also, its economical costs allow players to play often.

Davis Golf Course is a full-service golf facility. Besides the 18-hole course, it has a driving range and two putting greens. It offers a myriad of lessons for beginners as well as the advanced golfers. It is able to accommodate small and large tournaments, including shotguns. Its food service facilities can arrange for barbecue steak dinners as well as burger and hot dog feeds. As was mentioned earlier, the staff is available to help meet everyone’s golfing needs.

Call for reservations up to one week in advance at (530) 756-4010 or book online here

Davis Golf Course | 24439 Fairway Dr. | Davis, CA 95616 | 530 756-4010